My name is Nuria and I am a Birth and Postnatal doula (registered with Doula UK), and a Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Teacher (registered with KG Hypnobirthing). I am based in Reading, Berkshire.


Childbirth is a very precious moment in every woman’s life; I truly believe women can prepare for a positive birth experience by making informed choices and deciding the way they want to live this unique experience.

As your birth doula I will offer you non judgemental support and will encourage you to follow your instincts and wishes – I’ll be by your side however you want to live your experience.

Antenatally I can help you prepare for the birth by being there to listen, to help you refocus and support you to feel more confident about the birth, I can help you with your birth plan and signpost you to evidence-based information.

Nuria is very gentle, of calming nature. She can be impartial and neutral, only sharing her opinion when asked her thoughts. This is important as many choices and decisions around birth are personal to the mother and partner. Nuria clearly did not try to influence either way but gave informed advice. Genuinely caring about us and our baby, I can see she is a natural for this role as it plays her inbuilt qualities. She is very good at pitching the support just right. I am very grateful to Nuria for her support throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatally. ∼ Sarah, Oxford

During labour and birth I can give you massage, use the Rebozo for comfort, get some aromatherapy going. I won’t come between you and your birth partner, I may make suggestions to your birth partner on how he/she can best support you at a given moment and I’ll make sure you both are well looked after.

Nuria was incredibly calm, wise and grounded but also with a lighter touch and sense of humour. I found her to be an extremely reassuring presence: sharing, open and compassionate ∼ Isabella, birth partner

Doula UK
Member of Doula UK

As your postnatal doula I’ll focus on helping you make a smooth transition into motherhood.

An extra pair of hands for light duties around the house, and/or looking after the baby, a listening shoulder – I will come to your home and help you in the way you feel would benefit you the most, and offer warm and relaxed guidance and non judgemental support.

Nuria was a friendly, warm and supportive presence in our home on each visit. She was calm and quiet which was soothing to me and soothing to our son. Knowing she was on the way always made getting through the night/morning that much easier and as she was walking through the door I felt I could breathe a sigh of relief – I wasn’t alone anymore. ∼ Rebecca, Windsor

I can also offer breastfeeding support and babywearing advice if needed (I’m a certified babywearing consultant with the School of Babywearing).

But above everything my main aim is to offer you reassurance and encourage you to follow your inner instincts – YOU are the best mother for YOUR CHILD.

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I also offer Hypnobirthing and Birth preparation classes. For group workshops please check

You are welcome to explore the services I offer; I can help you at any stage of your journey! Here you can read testimonials from previous families I’ve been blessed to accompany 🙂

Please, do not hesitate in contacting me for an initial, no obligation chat so that we can work out together what best suits your needs!

Currently I co-facilitate the Reading Positive Birth group with monthly meetings – feel free to join for lots of peer support 🙂

Birth Doula in Reading, Newbury, Oxford, Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Basingstoke, Berkshire, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire
Postnatal Doula in Reading, Newbury, Oxford, Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Basingstoke, Berkshire, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire
Hypnobirthing classes in Reading, Newbury, Oxford, Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Basingstoke, Berkshire, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire 
Antenatal classes in Reading, Newbury, Oxford, Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Basingstoke, Berkshire, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire


We hired Nuria as our postnatal doula to help care for our twins, born last year. Looking back, I don’t think we would have coped without her! She helped us with everything, from feeding and bathing them, to babywearing, and doing endless rounds of laundry – and all while creating a calm and positive atmosphere. She then continued to support us for a period of several months while we organised permanent childcare, during which time we had the pleasure of also meeting Grace, who stepped in on any days Nuria was away. Thank you Nuria and Grace!

Emily, Maidenhead

In short, to get doula was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy. Nuria and Grace gave us peace of mind and great support. Thanks to them I went to the hospital with super-positive attitude and excitement and I believe it did help us a lot during our long and not-as-planned labor we had and still had positive experience at the end. Nuria and Grace answered all our questions and we could discussed any fears and concerns we had openly. Also as first time parents (from abroad) they gave us loads of useful and practical information about our birth options. Even after first visit we felt they care of us and they are “on our side”. Nuria were with us during the labor and I cannot image how I can ever to have contractions without her wonderful back massage  Thanks to Nuria and my husband I could focus fully on labor itself as I knew they will manage any “noise” around. Thank you!

Martina, Reading

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