Antenatal Doula

During the weeks leading up to the birth, an Antenatal Doula can give you encouragement and support and signpost you to evidence-based information, providing reassurance and a space to talk about any pregnancy related concerns. The role of an Antenatal Doula is to accompany you along your journey through pregnancy.

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An Antenatal Doula can help you prepare for the birth by being there to listen, to help you refocus and support you to feel more confident about the birth. An Antenatal Doula crucially offers the extra help that some pregnant mothers need during pregnancy.


You might be having a difficult pregnancy or feel you need some extra help. An antenatal doula could help you with practical help such as:

  • Light domestic tasks that might include meal preparation, tidying, cleaning or the washing.
  • Helping with older siblings
  • Accompanying you to antenatal appointments.
  • Your hospital bag
  • Nursery/home layout: practical help on setting up and tips on what to have handy.
  • Signposting to local support groups

This service takes away the daily stresses and helps the mother-to-be to relax, focus on herself and pregnancy and bond with the unborn baby.

It can be of particular interest if:

  • you have older children to look after
  • you are lacking support or are new to the area
  • you are suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, severe pregnancy nausea, or are struggling physically (i.e. SPD)
  • you have pregnancy complications that require bed rest or have been diagnosed with preeclampsia.
  • You are suffering with perinatal depression or high levels of anxiety