Birth Doula

I am a Recognised Birth Doula registered with Doula UK.

As a birth doula, my aim is to respect and protect mother’s space while providing a calm and peaceful environment. I wish to give you practical and evidence based information, so you can make and informed choice. My practice reflects the Doula Authentic and the Doula UK philosophies.

Doula UK
Member of Doula UK

I have accompanied women within all sorts of births: homebirths, breech babies, elective c-sections, VBAC, HVBAC

The standard package as a Birth Doula includes:

  • At least two antenatal meetings: during these meetings we will have the chance to know each other. We can talk about your fears and concerns about pregnancy and birth, we can discuss your birth preferences and I can help you to draw up your birth plan if you wish to. As your doula I will give you evidence based information on your pregnancy and labor concerns, so you can learn your options and make an informed choice.
  • On call 24/7 from week 38: these means that I aim to be with you as soon as you want me to during the on call period. I will ask you to contact me anytime (day or night), whenever you might think you are going into labor; we will discuss whether you want me to be with you or just need a bit of reassurance.
  • Labor support: I will accompany you during labor, from the very first moment you need me until your baby is born. I will support your birth partner as well, so he/she can confidently support you and ensure your birth partner is looked after during the birth. After your baby is born, I can help you with baby´s first feed and with any other concerns you may have, and will stay with you until you feel comfortable and happy for me to leave.
  • One postnatal visit at your home: within the first 6 weeks after the birth, I will visit you at home to have a chat about how things are going, give you any information you may need, offer breastfeeding support if needed, babywearing advice.
  • You can call or email me anytime, since the moment I become your doula.

Please contact me for a free initial meeting so we can discuss your needs and wishes and you can get an idea if I am the type of doula you are looking for. I  encourage you to meet various doulas so you can choose the one you feel more connected and comfortable with. Please, read through the Help with finding a doula in the Doula UK website.

If all of the above does not suit you, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs and wishes. I am more than happy to build with you the “package” that would make you feel more comfortable and secure.

If you are struggling financially but would benefit from a doula, have a look at the Doula UK Access Fund. It covers the expenses of Doula UK doulas volunteering to work with local clients in financial hardship, enabling those on a very low income to have the support of a doula.