Breastfeeding Support

“There is only one reason that a woman should not breastfeed, and that is if she doesn’t want to” Sheila Kitzinger (1929-2015)

I am passionate about breastfeeding and firmly believe any woman who wishes to breastfeed should not struggle to do so.

I offer mother to mother breastfeeding support, and my aim is to point you out in the right direction should you require further help.

Besides, I offer Breastfeeding Preparation Workshops aimed to expectant mothers and couples. This is a two hour session and we will go through:

  • getting breastfeeding started with evidence-based care and the science behind skin-to-skin contact
  • basics on attachment and positioning (practicing some positions)
  • what to expect in the early days
  • where to find further support during your breastfeeding journey

We can explore your options if you have not yet made your mind on infant feeding and debrief previous experiences if necessary.

Relevant training:

Interesting links and resources:

  • Who is helping you? – It is important to know who is giving you the information and how confident you can be about it.
  • LLL – La Leche League