Postnatal Doula

I am a Recognised Postnatal Doula registered with Doula UK.

As a postnatal doula, I will help you with baby and home issues, and offer you breastfeeding support and babywearing advice if needed. I will come to your home and help you in the way you feel would benefit you the most. I will accompany you in the transition into motherhood, by offering a warm and relaxed guidance and non judgemental support. I aim to offer you reassurance and encourage you to follow your inner instincts in taking care and raising your baby.

Doula UK
Member of Doula UK

I can work overnight and have experience with multiples.

Some of the ways in which I can help you:

  • Mothering the mother: this is the main role of a postnatal doula. This can be done by doing the things listed below or simply by being a listening ear.
  • Newborn care and concerns: bathing, feeding, development, parenting,…
  • Infant feeding support: whether you choose to breast or formula feed, or both! If you wish to breastfeed and need any support, I can provide it to you and point you out in the right direction should you require further help.
  • Babywearing advice: if you are interested in knowing more about slings I can offer you advice and support on how to safely babywear your newborn.
  • Light domestic task: cooking, tidying, washing, light shopping,…
  • Older children: I can help you with your older children, so you can spend time with your newborn or the other way round!
  • Time for you: I can take care of your baby and/or older children while you get a bit of time for yourself (so you can have a rest, shower or just time on your own)
  • Going for a walk: I can accompany you on your first outings with the baby
  • Telephone support

As your postnatal doula I will visit you for two to four hours appointments. We will discuss the number of appointments per week and how long you need the service.

Please contact me for a free initial meeting so we can discuss your needs and wishes and you can get an idea if I am the type of doula you are looking for. I  encourage you to meet various doulas so you can choose the one you feel more conected and confortable with. Please, read through the Help with finding a doula in the Doula UK website.

If all of the above does not suit you, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs and wishes. I am more than happy to build with you the “package” that would make you feel more comfortable and secure.

If you are struggling financially but would benefit from a doula, have a look at the Doula UK Access Fund. It covers the expenses of Doula UK doulas volunteering to work with local clients in financial hardship, enabling those on a low income to have the support of a doula.