We hired Nuria as our postnatal doula to help care for our twins, born last year. Looking back, I don’t think we would have coped without her! She helped us with everything, from feeding and bathing them, to babywearing, and doing endless rounds of laundry – and all while creating a calm and positive atmosphere. She then continued to support us for a period of several months while we organised permanent childcare, during which time we had the pleasure of also meeting Grace, who stepped in on any days Nuria was away. Thank you Nuria and Grace!


Emily, Maidenhead

In short, to get doula was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy. Nuria and Grace gave us peace of mind and great support. Thanks to them I went to the hospital with super-positive attitude and excitement and I believe it did help us a lot during our long and not-as-planned labor we had and still had positive experience at the end. Nuria and Grace answered all our questions and we could discussed any fears and concerns we had openly. Also as first time parents (from abroad) they gave us loads of useful and practical information about our birth options. Even after first visit we felt they care of us and they are “on our side”. Nuria were with us during the labor and I cannot image how I can ever to have contractions without her wonderful back massage  Thanks to Nuria and my husband I could focus fully on labor itself as I knew they will manage any “noise” around. Thank you!

Martina, Reading

Nuria and Grace, thank you for your help and support before, during and after the birth of our first baby! It was really helpful to have someone who we trust and can rely on with us. My wife really appreciated Nuria’s massage during the labour;-) We are grateful for your help and would recommend your services to anyone.

Jiri, Reading

We are delighted to have partnered with you in the preparation for having our child Isaac at the RBH (event though we planned for a home birth) and in particular for the support during labour and right through to the delivery of our baby.

The psychological support made all the difference because of the negative hospital experience we had with having our first child.

Thank you for all of the help and advice during pregnancy and the support and the preparation for the coming of the baby, and letting me know what was going on during the different stages I went through on the day.

God bless.

Susana, Reading

I was lucky enough to have Nuria as my doula for the birth of my first baby in June. I found the continuity of care I received from her before, during and even after the birth more than I could have expected.

When I met Nuria I thought she had really gentle, calming qualities to her character which was exactly what I thought I would need in such a situation.

My husband also benefited greatly from her support and guidance during the birth. He felt he was able to support me even better as a result of her suggestions.

Nuria was able to be very impartial and did not push her views but shared her opinion if I asked. I think this is a quality you need in a doula and is very hard to come by in most people.

I’m very grateful to Nuria for her support at such an important and special time for me and my new family.

Sarah, Oxford

Nuria was my birth doula and I had a great birth experience thanks to her. She helped my husband and I to prepare for the birth and also supported us in the first few weeks after our baby was born.

Kat, Reading

Nuria and Grace were wonderful doulas. They were so helpful when it came to preparing for my baby and answering all my questions as a nervous first-time mum. During my labour, they were both really patient and flexible with my last-minute decision changes to my birth plan as the pain and, nausea vomiting got too much! I am eternally grateful for their support.

Phosile, Oxford

Nuria who accompanied me was very helpful, caring and professional. Even though I had a cesarean she helped me all the way through specially with my fear and later on with my emotions. S

he was also a great support after the birth and gave me useful advice regarding to breastfeeding and newborn baby.

Vendy, Reading

Nuria accompanied my husband and me during my son’s birth, we also met her a few times before and after the birth. She was always very present in the moment, she asked us some very good questions which helped us both prepare ourselves for what lay ahead, as well as to process what turned out to be a very intense time in our lives. She also shared with us some very interesting and useful reading material.

I found Nuria to be a very kind and genuinely loving person. She is a great listener, non judgemental, yet totally honest, and very down to earth.

Tila, Oxford