Martina, Reading

In short, to get doula was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy. Nuria and Grace gave us peace of mind and great support. Thanks to them I went to the hospital with super-positive attitude and excitement and I believe it did help us a lot during our long and not-as-planned labor we had and still had positive experience at the end. Nuria and Grace answered all our questions and we could discussed any fears and concerns we had openly. Also as first time parents (from abroad) they gave us loads of useful and practical information about our birth options. Even after first visit we felt they care of us and they are “on our side”. Nuria were with us during the labor and I cannot image how I can ever to have contractions without her wonderful back massage  Thanks to Nuria and my husband I could focus fully on labor itself as I knew they will manage any “noise” around. Thank you!