I offer the following services in the antenatal period. Please contact me for availability.


This is a two hour session to discuss your wishes and options for the birth and/or debrief previous pregnancies, in the comfort of your home. Topics could include:

  • Debriefing previous pregnancies
  • Talking through current pregnancy
  • Drafting the birth plan
  • Relaxation techniques

These one to one session, provides you with some dedicated time to explore feelings, fears and wishes about pregnancy and labour.

This session is part of the Birth Doula package but you could still benefit from this one off session if you do not want a doula at your birth or have not yet make your mind about it. It can be of special interest if you feel anxious about the birth and feel you need some extra support and reassurance. It makes a great addition to your birth preparation course!

Price: £40


These are two per 2-hour sessions in the comfort of your home, to help you and your family prepare for those early weeks and transition into parenthood. The sessions include:

  • What to expect in the early days
  • Infant feeding, which can be complemented with the Breastfeeding preparation workshop.
  • Sleep patterns
  • Local help and support groups
  • Bonding with the new baby: transition into a bigger family (with especial focus on older siblings if any)
  • Introduction to babywearing (if interested)

Price: £60 (half price for Doula clients)


This is a two hour session during the second half of the pregnancy and we will go through:

  • getting breastfeeding started with evidence-based care and the science behind skin-to-skin contact
  • basics on attachment and positioning (practicing some positions)
  • what to expect in the early days
  • where to find further support during your breastfeeding journey

We can explore your options if you have not yet made your mind on feeding and/or debrief previous experiences if necessary.

Price: £30 (half price for Doula clients)